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Samad Rafe

Samad Syed

Chief Executive Officer

David Dickinson

David Dickinson

Sales Director - Caretap

Bobby Ross

Bobby Roos

Director of Product Development


Vanessa Esterby

Vice President - Customer Success and

Ali Khan

Ali Khan

Program Manager

Zach Lopez

Zach Lopez

Sales Director

About Samad

Samad Rafe

Samad Syed, CEO/Founder of SRS Web Solutions Inc. introduces a unique slant to the healthcare technology sector. He has successfully achieved 6 Sigma Master Black Belt certification, the highest 6 Sigma level obtainable, and has used his expertise to innovate real solutions for practice growth. Samad received his Masters in Engineering from Wayne State University and his MBA from Indiana University. His focus on optimizing office efficiency and productivity via digital solutions has transformed operations for 5000+ healthcare practices, serving over 4 million patients.

Samad's ever-expanding digital success has led him to be selected as a Forbes Council Member, an invitation-only organization for top executives and entrepreneurs, and has grabbed the attention of many publishers and companies nationwide. Samad has been interviewed by Success Network TV, and articles on his company’s signature features have been published in Forbes, Dentaltown, Inc., The Times, StarTribune, Daily Herald, Dentistry IQ, Dentalcompare, and Dental Economics.

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