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SRS Web Solutions is a leader in developing customized solutions for Healthcare practitioners to improve the efficiency, productivity and financial bottom line of your Practice.

Dental Practices

SRS Web Solutions streamlines the process of patient intake and consent forms into your practice management system. mConsent enables patients to complete & electronically sign dental consent forms using iPads, and integrates them directly into Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental and others. An added feature allows the patient to fill out the information from home or work, which is then sent directly to the practice to be integrated at their discretion.



mConsent digitizes your Optometric patient intake and consent forms, merging them into your EHR software (examWRITER, Crystal PM compatible). We empower patients by giving them the convenience of completing and electronically signing automated forms remotely from home or work, before stepping into your office. Once patients submit the completed forms, mConsent directly integrates them into your EMR system.


Mobile Patient Intake: Online Forms

Enable patients to complete forms from home or Work before they visit your practice
  • Significantly reduce wait times
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Increase office productivity
  • No templates, we digitize your own forms

Patient Scheduling

  • Allow Patients to Self Schedule on Your Website
  • Simplify Schedule Management
  • Reduce the number of No shows & Appointment Cancellations

Televisit with your Patients

  • Convenient video interactions with patients and specialists
  • HD video quality
  • End to end encryption - top security

Onsite iPad App

  • Personalized for Your Practice
  • Allow Patients to electronically Complete forms, E-sign and save into your EMR system
  • Take Patient Pictures
  • Scan License, Insurance card, Medication lists and previous Health Documents

Secure Billing Platform

  • Convenient online billing and payments
  • Simplified payment solution for healthcare practices
  • Top Encryption - 100% Secure

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