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How iPads changing the dentist work today!

Aug 24, 2016

Owing to the ubiquitous proliferation of smart technology, it is surprising to note their appearance in environments where there was little prevalence as little as five years ago.As a case in point, mobile technologies have transformed the way healthcare is delivered in this country, and Apple products are in the vanguard of those transformations. The fact remains however, Apple iPads are changing how dentists work today and safeguard their patient's files. To gain an understanding, here are the top three benefits enjoyed by dental practices after they switch to paperless dentistry forms by using iPad in their dental office.

iPad for Dentrix and Eaglesoft

The Paperless Medical Office: No more paper forms

Utilizing iPads for patient check in and documentation are leading to a de-cluttering of medical practices, including the dental office, across the nation. As printers and scanners are going the route of 8-track tapes and landline telephones, the better efficiency that comes from a solid iOS platform is not only a more convenient way to collect and maintain patient information, but the information is far more secure.

Not only does the use of iPads better protect patient records, but also small dental practices save on the costs of paper, ink, scanners, time spent on scanning and the expense of paying an employee to manage those huge caches of paper. mConsent  offers dental professionals a unique iPad app where patient intake forms and medical consent forms are securely transferred to practice management system (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Carestream, Softdent, Open dental, Practiceworks or any) which helps them to manage their paper trail while securing the privacy of their patients.  Check out the website

paperless medical office

The Privacy Obligation: HIPAA and Technology

The highest standards of medical professionalism demands adhering to HIPAA privacy standards, paperless dental office are turning to the most secure form of data collection, mConsent . Studies have noted the dangerous potential of paper records being lost, misplaced, or stolen. Indeed, the risk of HIPAA violations rise with the use of paper records with nearly half of all losses, 49%, attributed to theft, and a further 16% of violations the result of the physical loss. mConsent also ensures that patient correctly fills out the required information on the forms and help clinic to be legally compliant.

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Saving Trees and Saving Money

It is estimated that the standard solo dentist practice burns through about thirteen reams of paper each year, which amounts to cutting down two trees every year to fuel that paper pile. For those who look to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, the move to paperless medical office using iPads is a no brainer.

Additionally, as anyone who has ever bought an ink jet cassette can attest, switching from paper to mConsent  promises to bolster the dental practice's bottom line through substantial savings on supplies and materials. mConsent, and the technological power of iPads make the transformation a win-win-win for customer privacy, the environment, and the profit line for the dental practitioners.