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Why Healthcare Practitioners Turn to SRS Web Solutions

SRS Web Solutions Inc. was developed as a response to the shortcomings of outdated healthcare processes, and communication gaps across departments. Introducing digitization and remote access to the healthcare industry serves as a win-win for all. SRS leverages technology to improve customer experiences via three avenues:

SRS Web Solution’s primary platforms, mConsent and Caretap, have filled a cavity in the healthcare industry, giving millions of patients something to smile about. From digital patient intake processes, to automated insurance verification, and even remote video consultations, customer experience has forever been transformed.

SRS Journey

April 2014

Founded SRS

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March 2015

Seed Fund

May 2015

mConsent Product Launch

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January 2016

First 100 customers

February 2017

Seed Investment B

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January 2019

1 Million mConsent Users EVV+Billing Launched for Home Care

January 2020

3 Million mConsent Users +15,000 Caretap Users


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Demand for our products has continuously grown over the years because we prioritize your needs and strive to exceed your expectations. We are passionate about top quality digital solutions for your healthcare practice. Our products are designed to simplify and streamline your daily processes which will in turn improve your office efficiency, productivity, and profit.

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