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Convert your Clinic

Paper Forms into an iPad App

(Informed consent forms, patient intake registration forms, medical history forms, hipaa forms)

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Simplify Patient Check in Forms: Go Paperless

Why mConsent?

Eliminate The Pain Of Scanning, Printing Paper At Front Office With MConsent IPad Software :

  1. Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations at your front office by eliminating paper forms. Let the patients enter the information on iPad which securely gets transmitted to your computer.
  2. No more missing legal informed consent forms or any other forms. Eliminate the pain of printing, scanning and managing paper documentation!
  3. No more reading bad handwriting of patients and no more missing information
  4. No Additional cost, as mConsent reduces the cost of paper, ink, time to scan and print the forms. Clinics have reported saving at least $500/month adopting mConsent software.

You get custom branded software to your clinic, with your own dental consent forms, new patient registration forms, medical treatment history form that are transformed into iPad software and give a state of the art experience.

Single Fool-Proof Method where every Dentist can get a software that reduces cost, simplifies front office operations without additional cost, as software reduces the cost of ink, paper and time to scan every time - Guaranteed! Don't now, request a demo

Major Reasons for HIPAA Violations

Physical Theft
Physical Loss
Improper disposal
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Medical History Form

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Dental Consent Forms

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Fully Customized For Your Clinic

Reduce risk of HIPAA violations

Affordable Pricing: Starts at $99/month

Backup your Patient Registration and Consent forms in cloud

Dictation Enabled

Patient Check-in

Online Reputation

Allow Patients to Complete Forms from Home

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